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My London with Marsha Lindsay, Nobu Pilates

January 17th 2023

Iconic hospitality brand Nobu has launched its first ever Nobu Pilates offering in London - a global brand first for Nobu Hospitality and we are very fortunate Nobu Hotel London Portman Square is its home.

Nobu Pilates is headed up by creative director Marsha Lindsay and is a fresh new take on Pilates. Marsha takes an elegant and precise approach drawing on inspiration from Nobu’s central principles of passion, integrity and growth. We sit with Marsha today to gain some insight to her career, Nobu Pilates as well as what London means to her.

Let’s start from the very beginning - tell us a little bit about yourself, and how your career began?

My education and love of Pilates started at Pi Studio (Battersea) and I was obsessed from my very first class. I had the honour of being mentored by Holly Murray and she gave me the best foundations. From there, I built my knowledge and experience in management and becoming a teacher trainer (for those wishing to qualify as a Pilates instructor) working for Equinox UK. It was a brilliant company to work with for 8 years and was great to be part of an elite luxury performance-based fitness brand.

Naturally, my next steps were to explore my creative side and Nobu Pilates has been a hugely rewarding experience. To have full creative freedom has been a dream, and to see the concept that was in my head come to life is extremely rewarding. My vision was clear from day one with the most important thing being that I incorporated more of the less familiar pieces of Pilates equipment into the group classes, alongside the Reformer.

Tell us a little bit more about Nobu Pilates, what makes it different from other Pilates classes in London?

Nobu Pilates is my pride and joy; I created three signature classes – POWER, PRECISION and PURE – which are exclusive to Nobu Pilates, so they’re not classes you will experience elsewhere. By design, the classes each offer something that caters to individual goals and tastes, with Pilates at the foundation of the workout. Incorporating our Pilates knowledge and balance into your strength routine will take your fitness to the next level. You will achieve sharper mind-body connection, improve the deeper muscle groups, build stamina and most importantly, longevity in correct functional movement.

Through experience, I recognise that Pilates can be a little intimidating for new starters. When creating these 3 classes, I wanted potential new clients to look at our list and find something that they relate to in their current fitness regime, and find their ‘IN’. For example, a cross fit fan would probably be attracted to the intensity of a POWER class, where a mindful-mover would steer towards a PURE class. Whichever way one starts their Nobu Pilates journey, the hope is they enjoy and engage with the class, then explore the other concepts next visit; therefore achieving the full Nobu Pilates experience.

Everywhere from dazzling cities to remote exotic destinations, luxury travel is experiencing a healthy boom.
Rising wellness aspirations are profoundly transforming luxury and redefining affluent consumers’ expectations. Have you seen this at Nobu in recent years?

Most certainly! Our clientele is a healthy mixture of residential and oversea guests who enjoy luxury and lifestyle settings. The hospitality industry is continually evolving and expanding its boundaries to attract the luxury audience, therefore the wellness spaces must keep up with this progression. Many of our affluent guests have had vast experience in travelling and seeing the best of the best, but appreciate having the ability to take their life on the road is important; especially when it comes to wellness routines.
Nobu Pilates is so unique as they are not many hotels with a full comprehensive Pilates offering, enabling guests to continue their regular routine and feel healthy, fit and strong.

A global first for the Nobu brand, how has the response to Nobu Pilates been so far?

I am proud to say the response has been extremely positive. We opened Nobu Pilates after the final UK lockdown, a difficult time for any business. It has grown from strength to strength and the community we have built in the heart of Marylebone is amazing.
Clients are fully exploring and enjoying all the class offerings. With the positive and constructive feedback, we can listen and create directly from their wants and needs. We really appreciate their loyalty, and they are excited to go on this journey with us as we grow.

How does the wellness offering reflect Nobu’s brand values?

Everything with the Nobu brand (and therefore Nobu Pilates) is careful curated to ensure the best luxury and quality; whether that’s the design of the space or the offering. At Nobu Pilates and Nobu Wellness we have our fitness offering alongside treatments such as facials, massages, body treatments, physiotherapy, etc.
Our team is selected and trained to the highest standard to ensure our brand quality and passion is reflected well. All product and brand partnering are meticulously selected to match our brand ethos; they must come highly accredited and be in line with our stance on sustainability. Every idea and decision at Nobu is constructed with care and expertise.

Do you have plans to expand Nobu Pilates across the hospitality group?

This is a brand first for Nobu and thankfully it has become a success. This is certainly an exciting time for Nobu Pilates and the future of expansion (as well as launching retreats) is looking very promising!

What does wellness mean to you?

To me, wellness is the perfect blend of embracing ones physical and emotional contentment. Of course, working out and staying strong is a big part of that, but also making sure I have time with my loved ones and have a good work life balance.
My favourite day of the week is Sunday when I perform my ‘Selfcare Sunday’ rituals. A 2 hour treat where I give myself an at home facial. If my friends are lucky, they might get an invite!

Working at Nobu Portman Square, we want to get a sense of ‘Your London’ so we have some quick-fire questions for you:

Favourite area and why? - Battersea – where I live. I have watched it evolve through in so many different phases and love it. Especially now the Power Station is open.

Favourite Gallery - JGM Gallery, Howie Street. Showcases amazing Australian Indigenous art and more. Ever evoking inspiration.

Favourite Shop – Annie’s Ibiza on Carnaby Street. If I could, I would buy every piece in that shop.

Favourite Restaurant - Nobu Portman Square of course!

Best place for a night out - 180 Strand rooftop

Best place for breakfast - Acai Girls in Belgravia; on a lazy day I’ll get it delivered.

Best kept secret – The Churchill Arms (is this a secret?) love that this traditional looking pub is known for incredible Thai food. And their Christmas decorations are beyond amazing.