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In conversation with Burbeck Interiors

March 13th 2024

This month we sat down with the UK’s leading home staging company to discuss why dressing your property can help you achieve the best price in record time.

Tell us a little bit about what you do at Burbeck interiors…

I hope that it isn’t too grand a thing to say, but Burbeck really is the UK’s leading home staging company! Founded by property developer brothers Alex and Jack Willcocks in 2013, they established Burbeck to combine their knowledge of the property market, and their design expertise to help others market their properties effectively.

What really sets us apart is the bespoke nature of our staging, as well as the very high-quality of the interior design work. Our comprehensive approach is tailored to meet the distinct needs of a property, ensuring that every detail aligns seamlessly with the overall vision.

Burbeck work with clients globally on interior design, interior architecture and staging projects. We have also won over 16 awards for design excellence and customer service, including The Best Home Staging Project in Europe 2024 at the International Property Awards.

What are the key points when thinking about designing a staged property ?

Location - who lives in this type of area and who might be a potential buyer.
Price per square foot without staging versus target price per square foot post staging.
Budget for the project!
Existing architecture and lighting, the staging must compliment or at least harmonize with these existing features.
Marketing agent - If an agent has already been appointed, Burbeck work with the agent to ensure the best possible viewing experience for their clients.

How important is it to understand the target demographic for each individual property when designing?

It is absolutely crucial! As human beings we naturally respond to our environment, so even on a sub-conscious level we have an emotional response to the interior design of the space. Whilst there is the obvious element of staging demonstrating the effective use of space, elevating the design by personalising it to a buyer demographic creates a more impactful viewing experience. Using scents, colour and accessories our team create a detailed and carefully curated ambiance in every design.

What makes you guys different to other companies?

Our background in property gives us the commercial edge that is often lacking in the design world. When we set up Burbeck, home staging existed but was rather primitive in its content, we feel we have elevated the standard of the industry by providing higher quality designs. Unlike other staging companies we offer the full spectrum of Interior Design work, and work with many private clients on their projects. We also design and manufacture our own furniture, so some pieces are truly unique!

With our acclaimed design team's commitment to a specialized design-led approach and a proven track record of success, we ensure properties stand out in the market with enhanced allure and value.

How big an impact would you say it makes to a buyer's first impression when a flat is well staged?

The very first opportunity to sell to that buyer, is actually when they first see the photos in particulars or on an online portal, and it can be fleeting. If you are looking at multiple properties, the one staged with beautiful photos will always stand out.

Like a job interview, or a first date, when viewing a house, your first impressions are absolutely everything. Often, people may not be in a property for longer the 15 minutes on a viewing, so you need to be selling that property to them throughout; make it one they can’t forget for all the right reasons.

Tell us a bit more about the team.

Burbeck has a team of over 40 people working across sales, staging design, interior design, logistics and the central management team.

The sales team will initially work with the client or agent to understand their requirements and recommend the best approach. A member of sales will then liaise with the staging design team to discuss a brief and move things forward.

On an install day you will have 2-3 staging designers, as well as our -in-house logistics team of 2-5 people depending on the size of the property.

Burbeck can install a design within one working day.

Could you explain about the process from initial visit to the property fully dressed?

A floor plan is required for a no obligation quote within 24 hours.
Following acceptance, we complete a site survey and client
assessment within 1 week.
Our team will carefully curate and install your scheme within 10 – 14 working days.
Collection is arranged in 8 weeks.